Homoeopathy cancer treatment gets pride of place CALCUTTA: Tiny sweet pills in slim glass vials, which were thought to do no better than cure common cold, have finally found their pride of place with world's premier cancer research body approving an Indian homoepathic treatment protocol. Thanks to pioneering research by a city-based father-son homeopathic physician duo, the US government's National Institute of Health (NIH) and Cancer Advisory Panel for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAPCAM) have recognised the cancer treatment protocol as "very striking and unusual". "Our efforts to gather a parallel footing for homeopathy as an alternative medicine have finally borne fruit," says Dr Prasanta Banerji, who is busy framing separate protocols for treatment for various forms of cancer. Backed by over four decades of research with a team of 10 doctors, Dr Banerji and his son Pratip were invited to speak before the comprehensive cancer care 2000 conference in Washington on June 29. The team, which has had signal success in curing 70 per cent of brain tumor cases and presented their success stories in scores of international homeopathic conferences, first caught us attention at the fifth international oncologists conference in Corfu, Greece in 1995. The global impact was felt immediately after Banerji, the lone homeopath among 1,200 physicians attending the Greece Conference, presented 16 brain tumor regression cases and cure with homeopathic medicines. The US department of alternative medicine followed it up with lab trials using Banerji's homeopathic medicine on cancer cells at the M D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. "In 1996, I met Dr Wayne Jonas, director of the Department of Alternative Medicine in NIH and he suggested that I should work on a 'best care series' with thorough documentation on 10 cured cases," Banerji recalls his meticulous path to recognition. Having reviewed his case studies for over an year, NIH recently certified the series, including four cases of lung cancer, and is now keen on funding a clinic in Calcutta exclusively for cancer patients to be treated only with homeopathic medicine. "We treat cancer just like any other disease following the basic tenets of homeopathy -- Semi, Mini and Mono. We have not found any miracle drug or cure," Banerji says. The family has been practising homeopathy for over 140 years now with Banerji's ancestors passing on the 'tricks of the trade' down the ages. Using basic medicine formulae like cali carbonium and ruta graviolins, used in common cold treatment, the team has churned out successful protocols for brain tumours through mix and match experiments.

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